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” We believe it’s our unparalleled commitment to safety and personalized service that encourages our clients to trust in us with their business. “

- Miles Bullock, Hendrix Concierge, COO

Superior Service

Our highly trained staff extend the standards of excellence to all our clients. The difference between Hendrix Concierge and other companies can be explained using one word –efficient. From our on-call service to our highly experienced and dedicated team of support staff; you will see our efficiency first hand when you travel with Hendrix Concierge rapid response time.

Dedicated Concierge

Designed by and for those who believe lifestyle should have no limitations.

Personalized to your specific needs. We handle it all, tailored experiences built for you. Never deal with a frustrating automated phone directory or a call center answering. A courteous and helpful person is always ready to assist with your next trip. From last minute requests to questions and concerns we are on standby 24/7 to confidently give you the travel experience you deserve.


We simplify the complex world of private jet charter. Simplicity is at the core of everything we do. From initial charter requests and paperless booking to the final and flight follow-up, the Hendrix Concierge experience is based on streamlining the customer journey and maximizing the hours in your day.

Transparency & simplicity providing the ultimate confidence.

Unmatched Destinations

Hendrix Concierge provides unparalleled access to the leading hospitality and travel experiences around the world. Through our vast collaboration with other leading premier lifestyle travel firms we are able to ensure any need can be accommodated.

Unmatched Service 24/7

We simplify the complex world of private jet charter, yacht charters, and many other accommodations. Simplicity is at the core of what we do.

Hendrix Concierge experience is based on streamlining the customer journey and minimizing your non productive hours throughout the day.

We always have a courteous and helpful representative ready to assist with your travel needs.

NO answering service
NO call centers
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What Clients Say

Hendrix is great! Josh always gets back to me so fast. I worked with another company prior, but the service is so much more personalized. Plus, Hendrix has saved me money, so I take more trips a year now!

- Sherley J.

It was my first Term yacht charter and Hendrix made it so simple and explained to me everything you need in the Bahamas. Such an Experience. Thank you, Hendrix, and Palmer Johnson Crew.

- Adam S.

Unfortunately, my aircraft had a mechanical failure on the day of travel… things happen in life, BUT Hendrix/and special thanks to Josh my man for handling it and ensured I was able to get a recovery later in day. I have a few planes myself, but always use Hendrix when mine aren’t free. A truly honest company!

- Scott H.

Highly Recommended! So easy, and no technology needed just a live representative over the phone.

- Brianna M.

At first I was a little hesitant to fly private but I can confidently say that flying with Hendrix Concierge was the easiest travel experience of my life. Throughout the whole process the team was very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. Definitely will be flying with them again.

- Jordan L.

I have been flying with Hendrix for a while now, I’ve tried other companies but I always feel that I am getting overcharged. That’s why I've stuck with Hendrix, you can’t beat their rates.

- Mark T.

As a mom of three it’s very difficult to navigate my family through a commercial airport. When I have used Hendrix Jets in the past it has been so easy, we get dropped off right at the plane with no hassle. It is such a seamless process, I could not imagine flying any other way.

- Lisa A.

I was pleasantly surprised when I found Hendrix Concierge. I had to fly halfway across the country because of an emergency with little notice. They did not hesitate at all and found me a flight within 12 hours. Thanks guys!

- Antonio O.

Easy, simple process. Had no hiccups, I wish I could fly private all the time.

- David R.

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