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Hendrix Concierge provides select members with unparalleled access to leading hospitality and travel experiences around the world. Through our membership program you can choose to share your hourly rate with certain passengers of your choosing, the number will vary depending on which membership you select. Through its collaboration with multiple partners, members benefit from the support of a full-service concierge program and receive locked-in hourly rates. Members will receive guaranteed aircraft availability all year round with as little as 24 hour notice.

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Members will receive prioritized aircraft availability all year round with as little as 24 hour notice. As a member our team guarantees that whenever you need a flight we will provide you with the aircraft that best suite’s your needs. Due to the rapidly changing nature of the industry we can only guarantee your locked-in hourly rate for 1 year.

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We provide a selection of different memberships to accommodate any requirements you might have. Whether you are providing flights for a large corporation for business purposes, a spur of the moment traveler, or you fly a couple times of year with your family, our membership plans will fit your needs. Our memberships have a variety of price points and our team’s goal is to help you make the right decision.

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Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure that all our members get the service and experience that they deserve. You will have access to an account manager that will be available 24/7 that can confidently handle any of your travel needs. You will have a single point of contact that will be personally committed to you to make sure your membership is perfect.


What Clients Say

I was extremely satisfied when I finally chose to move forward with my membership. Booking flights in large volume throughout the year was not only an inefficient use of my money but a huge waste of time. Now I know I will always have an available flight no matter what and Josh has been very thorough and remembers all my annual travel dates so I do not have to constantly update him. This was such a great decision for me and my business, it really helped save my valuable time.

- Jack

I chose to join Hendrix Concierge’s Gold membership program last year. I would only fly 3-4 times a year but the surge in prices during the busy time of the year would always lead me to overpay. Having the rate locked in and knowing I can always have an available flight on standby. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is in a similar position!

- Tom

Hendrix is great! Josh always gets back to me so fast. I worked with another company prior, but the service is so much more personalized. Plus, Hendrix has saved me money, so I take more trips a year now!

- Sherley J.

It was my first Term yacht charter and Hendrix made it so simple and explained to me everything you need in the Bahamas. Such an Experience. Thank you, Hendrix, and Palmer Johnson Crew.

- Adam S.