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Air Flow
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The pressurization system on Hendrix Concierge operators’ aircrafts fully replenishes the cabin air with fresh outside air approximately every three minutes during the flight, so HEPA filter is not needed, since the air is not recycled or recirculated.

Anti-Microbial Shield
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All Hendrix operators’ aircrafts are treated with disinfectant. This two-part solution, professionally applied throughout the interior of the aircraft, works to kill a broad spectrum of known bacteria and viruses like COVID 19. ClearCabin is odorless and colorless.

Immediate Response
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If anyone on board shows any sign of illness. The aircraft will immediately undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting procedure.

Additional Sanitizers
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Between flights, all seats and interior surfaces of the aircraft will immediately undergo a deep cleaning and disinfecting procedure.

Our Partners maintain The Highest Cleaning Standards In Aviation.

“Our Customers Need To Know Their Flying In Aircraft Cleaned With The Same Hospital-Grade Disinfectants Used By Trained Medical Staff In Healthcare Facilities.”

- Miles Bullock/ COO

Crewmember Precautions

Face Coverings

The CDC recommends the use of face coverings to help prevent individuals who lack symptoms from spreading the virus to others. Hendrix operators crewmembers and employees wear face coverings while performing duties in the presence of a Charter customer, which include, but are not limited to, greetings, preboarding screenings, safety briefings, and cabin service. Facial coverings must also be used by crewmembers and employees when required by local ordinances or businesses, such as FBOs. Because of limited supplies of facial coverings across the country, Owners and guests who prefer to wear them should bring their own.

Is it Safe to Charter A Yacht During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

The short answer is a resounding yes! Yacht charters are one of the safest forms of travel, and they provide unparalleled privacy, cleanliness, and seclusion. There are numerous reasons to consider a charter at this time: